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Gollum og psykiatrien ...

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BMJ (tidligere British Medical Journal) har tatt inn artikkelen «A precious case from the Middle-earth» av noen studenter og en foreleser, der de analyserer psyken til Gollum. Det er halvt seriøst og halvt sokal-aktig, og under alle omstendigheter veldig moro:

Sméagol (Gollum) is a single, 587 year old, hobbit-like male of no fixed abode. He has presented with antisocial behaviour, increasing aggression, and preoccupation with the «one ring.» […] His forensic history consists of Deagol»s murder and the attempted murder of Samwise Gamgee. He has no history of substance misuse, although like many young hobbits he smoked «pipe weed» in adolescence. Sméagol has forgotten many memories of his childhood, and we have limited collateral history on his premorbid personality. Before obtaining the ring he was an inquisitive child with odd interests, who enjoyed causing mischief and solitary activities such as burrowing under trees to look at roots.

Gå og les hele artikkelen. Gollum er ikke schizofren!